Month: March 1998

Mail Boxes Etc.

Do you use Mail Boxes, Etc.? I’ve oftened wondered what the “Etc.” part is all about. I think it’s “we’re gonna rip you off”. Okay, I know they’re out there to make money, but you’d think when they’re scalping you this badly they’d at least have the courtesy to avert their eyes while they’re doing it. I mailed a tiny… Read more →


And the saga continues. Got a lovely letter today from Yale. I know it well, on that 100% cotton fiber paper. Such high quality and so official. “I regret that we are not able to offer you admission to the department.” Then there’s the obligatory paragraph containing the generic justification. Gotta love that. Is it supposed to make me feel… Read more →

Road Rage

So I’m driving home after rehearsal ended last night. It had been a long, hard day, but the show was running well and I was happy. As I’m getting on the freeway at Bristol, this guy behind me in a minivan decides that there’s no way in hell he’s gonna let two lanes merge on that onramp unless he’s in… Read more →

Uncle Sam’s Fandango

It’s been a busy week, and I’m ready for a few days off. Unfortunately there’s no break in sight. The staged reading of Uncle Sam’s Fandango at SCR went pretty well. We rehearsaed all day Saturday and Sunday. The director, Dan Kern, wasn’t there for the performance, but I think he would have been pleased with how it turned out.… Read more →


Well, I’ve decided to move the House of Rapp to a new ISP. I was a little worried when Dreamhost, the new service provider, went down this evening. But I guess those things happen. After all, it’s just a web site, albeit one I put way too much time into. On a different note, I got a terrible e-mail yesterday… Read more →

CD-R Drives

I bought a CD-R drive a several weeks ago, but other than backing up my data (which there is a lot of–over 160 meg just in data) I haven’t had any heavy uses for it. I originally got it because a) I don’t trust Zip disks for long term storage, and the drives are prone to a problem called the… Read more →

Leaf Blowers

Who is the idiot that invented gas-powered leaf blowers? What I wouldn’t give for five minutes alone with the guy who came up with this concept… Isn’t it odd that Los Angeles, not Orange County, has outlawed these things? They are the scourge of my neighborhood, and I swear they are coming around more and more often (usually starting at… Read more →

Skiing at Big Bear

I hadn’t been skiing at all so far this year, but today I finally made it to the slopes at Bear Mountain. I’m glad too, because with all the grief the weather has been giving us, I would hate to have completely missed out on the one good thing all this weather has brought. The snow was good, and it… Read more →

The Lost Wallet

What a day. Not only have legal problems cropped up (through no fault of mine or anyone elses on the production) with Pick Up Ax, but I also lost my wallet. Actually, I don’t think it was lost–it was stolen. “What?!”, I hear you saying, “In Irvine? Nothing bad ever happens in Irvine!” That’s what I used to think too,… Read more →


I just love the way bureaucracies work. Sometimes they can be a literal pain in the ass. You’d have to be living in a cave to be unaware of what “El NiƱo” (the weather phenomenon–not Chris Farley) is doing to the west coast. We’ve had something like two feet of rain in just the past couple of months. And living… Read more →


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