I just love the way bureaucracies work. Sometimes they can be a literal pain in the ass.

You’d have to be living in a cave to be unaware of what “El Niño” (the weather phenomenon–not Chris Farley) is doing to the west coast. We’ve had something like two feet of rain in just the past couple of months. And living on the second floor, I’m always going up and down the external stairway next to my condominium.

Well just before winter started, when the El Niño hysteria was reaching a climax (don’t get me started on Paul Moyer–nothing worse than turning on your TV after a long day and having that excuse for a journalist screaming STORM WATCH!!!! in your face), my condominium association decided to “winterize” the building. So they cleaned gutters, fixed dubious fencing, painted the building, etc.

Which is all well and good, except after painting the stairway it was about five times as slippery. That was about four months ago. Then came El Niño. Now that it’s gone and I’ve fallen about six times, they’ve decided that someone might fall and hurt themselves. So they’re adding a texture to the surface of the stairs. And wouldn’t you know it? The forcast is for nice, clear, sunny weather for a long time to come.

Thanks, guys.


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