The Lost Wallet

What a day.

Not only have legal problems cropped up (through no fault of mine or anyone elses on the production) with Pick Up Ax, but I also lost my wallet. Actually, I don’t think it was lost–it was stolen.

“What?!”, I hear you saying, “In Irvine? Nothing bad ever happens in Irvine!” That’s what I used to think too, until a neighbor of mine was shot by gang members right in front of his house. He tried to hide underneath his car, but they just bent down and popped a cap in him. Then the shooters got in their Lexus (only in Irvine…) and drove away, leaving a widow and a couple of fatherless kids.

Thankfully, there really isn’t much crime in Irvine, and we have a very well funded police department. So the Irvine PD stuck the whole department on the case, and they tracked the guy all over the world, finally nailing him in South America or something like that. Turns out he was an employee of the guy he shot.

Anyway, my wallet. I was at the gym, and I have to admit I was very stupid to leave my bag in a locker without a lock on it. But I did, and some dillweed lifted my wallet. Simple as that.

I don’t care about the money, or even the credit cards. Those are very easy to replace, by the way. You just call the company and they send you a new one. It’s actually kind of fun. I know it was stolen (as opposed to lost) because First USA Bank told me someone tried to buy gas with my card, and I haven’t used that credit card in months. I’m NOT looking foward to replacing my driver’s license or social security card. I also lost my scuba certification, Blockbuster and ATM cards.

The thing that really pissed me off was that I called the gym and they weren’t even willing to do a quick search of the locker room for me. I had to drive back there and do it myself. You’d think that after five years of paying dues to this club they could give me sixty seconds of their time.

Am I asking too much here?


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