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The Big 34

I just put up some captioned photos from my birthday party.  I was gonna write a big thing about it, but photos are far more interesting aren’t they? I will say that when you have birthdays like this one, it almost makes getting older something to look forward to!  A small group of close friends laughing the night away.  Perfect.… Read more →

Plastic Airliners

A post over at Cockpit Conversation got me thinking about the 787 Dreamliner, a new all-composite airliner from Boeing. That post referenced a British newspaper article whose title was a bit sensationalistic.  “Passenger aircraft rivals clash over safety of fuselage built from plastic”.  Airplanes are not built out of plastic, they’re made of carbon fiber.  The two are both composite materials, yet interchanging them… Read more →

Going to Church

The new year is starting off right at work.  My boss just had a front page article published about him in the Orange County Register.  The Register is the largest newspaper in Orange County, with a daily circulation of about one million copies. Unfortunately, the Register requires online users to register before reading the article, but you might be able… Read more →

Cancer Sucks

A few years ago, most of my donations were to Angel Flight, a very worthy aviation-based charity which provides medical transportation to those in need. I also did a lot of flying for AF. Lately, though, most of my charitable dollars have gone to organizations fighting cancer. It wasn’t a conscious change, but one that I now see was prompted… Read more →


I just returned from the gym. One of my favorite parts of working out at 24 Hour Fitness is that they have a dry heat sauna, and the temperature is always set just right. It’s even better when there’s no one else in there and you can soak up the heat in solitude. Well today I was in there by… Read more →

Poker Night

It seems I’m one of the few people in the northern hemisphere that doesn’t play poker on a regular basis. It’s more for a lack of time than invitations or interest. Some folks get pretty serious about the game. Dan has his own Yahoo group for poker nights, and even went so far as to build a table — the… Read more →


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