CD-R Drives

I bought a CD-R drive a several weeks ago, but other than backing up my data (which there is a lot of–over 160 meg just in data) I haven’t had any heavy uses for it.

I originally got it because a) I don’t trust Zip disks for long term storage, and the drives are prone to a problem called the “click of death” which can take your data with it, and b) I have too much data to fit on a Zip, which means that automated backups become and impossibility. But it really paid for itself this week.

Howard Johnston, sound designer for Pick Up Ax, created our sound design on mini-disc. He brought his player over and we hooked it up to my computer via the audio input on the sound card and dumped all that data to my hard drive digitally. Then I burned ’em to recordable CD-ROM discs, and voila! It was fun.

What wasn’t so fun were the rejection notices I received in the mail from New York University and the University of Washington. But that’s okay. I’m keeping the faith–I just do my best and leave the rest to God. I’ll get accepted at the time and to the school I’m supposed to.


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