Well, I’ve decided to move the House of Rapp to a new ISP. I was a little worried when Dreamhost, the new service provider, went down this evening. But I guess those things happen. After all, it’s just a web site, albeit one I put way too much time into.

On a different note, I got a terrible e-mail yesterday from a friend. Her best friend’s boyfriend killed himself right in front of her! I mean, jeez. How long do you have nightmares after something like that?

Once again, your truly gains instant perspective on what a charmed life he leads. I can’t even imagine having someone shoot themselves right in front of me. What kind of training or preparation does a person have for something like that? The worst part of it is that if he hadn’t done it, odds are a month or a year from now he’d realize what a mistake he almost made. But having gone through with it, he’ll never have that chance.

Enough of that. You could drive yourself crazy wondering why people do the things they do, especially to people they “love”. Isn’t that odd? When a child is kidnapped or killed, who is the first suspect? The parents, always. Something like 90% of the victims of violent crime know their attackers. When a person is abused (especially a woman) the perpetrator is statistically most likely to be the spouse or boy/girlfriend. That’s just too depressing.

So let’s move on to a happier subject. I am having a great time doing this staged reading at South Coast Rep. The days are long, but I like that–and it makes me pity all the people who are pushing paper in an office while I get to create a character (or for this play, several characters) for the very first time.

The only thing that makes me happier is the thought of going to bed, because I’m exhausted.


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