Uncle Sam’s Fandango

It’s been a busy week, and I’m ready for a few days off. Unfortunately there’s no break in sight.

The staged reading of Uncle Sam’s Fandango at SCR went pretty well. We rehearsaed all day Saturday and Sunday. The director, Dan Kern, wasn’t there for the performance, but I think he would have been pleased with how it turned out. Before he left the afternoon rehearsal on Monday he asked for lots of energy and tight cues, which we seemed to have during the performance that evening.

I was happy to read in today’s L.A. Times that Dan won two Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle awards (for acting in A Winter’s Tale at A Noise Within and directing Juno at Interact Theatre Co). His wife also won one. I wonder if that’s a record for most LADCC Awards won by a single household in one year…

Then yesterday I sang four Sound-on-Site performances in Dana Point and here in Irvine. That’s the most we’ve ever done in one day. It was about four solid hours of singing, and I was tired when the day started, so by the end my voice was starting to wear.

Today was the final “reading” of Pick Up Ax before we go into full rehearsal this Sunday. I put quotes around it because even though technically it was a reading, we started blocking two sessions ago. Today went well; I was finally rested enough to be highly energetic and creative during the rehearsal. Plus, with the whole rights issue behind us, there’s one less thing hanging over our heads as we work.

By the end of this week we’ll have our Los Angeles and Orange County rehearsal spaces ready, our publicity agent will be working, stuff will be off to the printer, and we’ll be rolling, rolling, rolling!

I got another rejection letter today: the Old Globe/USD MFA program. That makes five “no”s, with seven programs yet to hear from.

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