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Back to the (Supersonic) Future

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While supersonic airliners were all the rage in the 1960s, they never panned out economically because commercial airliners have to turn a profit. But business aircraft do not. They’re simply tools for allowing business to be conducted. In addition, recent technological developments are bringing us closer to mitigating the sonic boom’s impact. It’s clear we’re headed back to that supersonic future to pick up where we left off half a century ago.

The Double Standard

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A guy intentionally fires multiple shotgun blasts at a landing biplane and gets a year of probation for it. I can’t help but wonder what the penalty would be if it was a car instead of an aircraft. Could it be that we have a double standard here?

Selling an Airplane

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Some aircraft sell quickly, others seem to languish for years on the market. Here’s why.

Aircraft Tire Pressure

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Tires are probably the least sexy part of an aircraft: a ball of hot, stinky, greasy rubber. it’s also the airframe component which absorbs the most punishment, so they deserve a little attention every now and then.

Best Bang for the Buck

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What if one of the most fun airplanes you could ever own was also one of the least expensive? Well get out your checkbook boys — it’s not fantasy, it’s the Pitts S-1 biplane.