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Keepin’ It Legit

Just Drop Off the Key, Lee

It seems that Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca thinks he’s above the law.  Normally he’d be right. But Baca’s department demonstrated a custom designed unmanned surveillance drone to the media last week.  The problem?  They ignored written counsel from the Federal Aviation Administration, which had told the Sheriff’s Department that flying the drone would require certification from the Feds… Read more →

This Verdict Was Made For Walking

I’d be the last person to defend Michael Jackson (or his music). But he went free because those who testified against him had serious credibility problems that the prosecutor couldn’t overcome. Jackson has plenty of credibility issues of his own, which is more than enough to convict him at the office watercooler. But in American courtrooms, the onus is on… Read more →

A Modest Proposal

I hope Ken Lay, Dennis Kozlowski, Bernie Ebbers, and others of their ilk are reading this. BEIJING (Reuters) – China executed four people, including employees of two of its Big Four state-owned banks, for fraud totaling $15 million, the state Xinhua news agency said Tuesday. The executions occurred in the midst a high-profile government campaign against financial crime. They followed… Read more →

Van Nuys Courthouse Shooting

Between the ambulance chasers, frivolous lawsuits, corporate maneuvering, high finance, and other big dollar areas of our society which are controlled by attorneys, it’s no wonder that dead lawyer jokes are as common as peanuts on a Southwest 737. It’s understandable. Consider our nation’s finest minds, our most brilliant and highly educated physicians. These are people have worked their way… Read more →


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