Feel the Burn

Freezer burn: it’s not just for food anymore.

Nothing brings out the grouch in me like heat. I hate heat with… well, with the heat of a thousand suns. Or whatever.

The past two days have set record high temperatures here in Southern California. And glory be, I’ve got no air conditioning! It’s over 100 degrees today, yet it’s forecast to be 30 degrees cooler tomorrow. The heat wouldn’t be so bad if there was at least some air movement. But when it’s hot and the air is dead still, that’s the worst.

Speaking of heat, it must be causing brain damage at my local gym. I frequently use the sauna there and have noticed a disturbing trend: people working out inside the sauna. Push ups. Sit ups. Exercising with free weights. Jumping rope, even.

I hate to point out the obvious, people, but it’s a sauna. It’s designed for relaxation. Not drying your laundry, exercising, or stretching. Last time I checked, that’s what the rest of the gym is for. If you want to read a newspaper in there, fine. But please don’t come in wearing a heavy track suit and shadow box like you’re Mike Tyson.

We’re not impressed.


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