Month: November 2003

The Pressure of a Name

I recently learned that two of my best friends from college will soon enter the ranks of parenthood! For those of you who don’t know them, this might not make a lot of sense. But since picking out a name can be tough, I took the liberty of putting together a Top 10 list of potential names for the Schulz’s… Read more →

Grocery Strike

I’ve held off publishing this for a while because I’ve been angry about some things I’ve witnessed. But a few weeks have passed, and despite the fact that the picketers have moved on to another store, I realize I’m not going to feel any better about it. I have never been terribly supportive of the union in this pathetic grocery… Read more →

Luck and the Wright Flyer

The media is focusing more and more on the upcoming 100th anniversary of powered flight. In case you’ve been living in a hermetically sealed bubble, that date is December 17, 2003. That’ll mark one hundred years since the Wright Brothers achieved powered flight on the windswept expanse of North Carolina’s Outer Banks with an aircraft that I still can’t believe… Read more →

The Frenzied Housing Market

Mathew Emmert’s commentary Housing Still Frenzied is a good read. I agree with most of what he says, but there were two glaring omissions. First, in the “Equity Schmequity” section, he misses the point of people’s argument when they say owning is superior to renting because you build equity. There are two ways to build equity in a home. One… Read more →

New Tool: URL Shortener

As if the world needed another “make a shorter link” tool. I prefer not to use 3rd party services for this kind of stuff because you never know when or will go down for the count. Or when the service will go to hell. Or, more realistically, when they’ll start charging for their services. I suppose URL… Read more →


When a 50 year old zooms down the road in a flashy red sports car, we think “midlife crisis”. When a young punk does the same thing, he’s “compensating”. So what are we to think when a guy buys a 250,000 lb, 600 mph Boeing 707 jetliner? Read more →


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