Month: November 2003

The Concorde and the Starship

It’s painful to watch an airplane die. They have a spirit, much like people. It’s tough to describe, but if you fly planes or work on them, you’ll know what I mean. There’s a connection there. It’s a combination of the quirks, smells, dings, and history of a particular aircraft. The most interesting thing about it is that this “heartbeat”… Read more →

Bread and Butter

Ever heard the phrase “bread ‘n butter”? If a couple walking down the street hand in hand are seperated by a pole, mailbox, or other obstruction, you say “bread ‘n butter”. I don’t know why, but you just do. I consider myself fairly cultured, but this one completely escaped me until I met Lesley. I figured it was an English… Read more →

Assessing the Damage

Ahhh, fresh air and rain–manna from heaven! It seems that Mother Nature has accomplished what 15,000 firefighters, dozens of aircraft, and millions of dollars could not. The fires are finally under control. It’s been two weeks of pure hell for many Southern Californians, not to mention something like a million acres of land and a couple thousand homes burned. Disasters… Read more →

Just Say “No” to Macintosh

Reason #1845 Not To Own A Macintosh I’ve never been a huge Macintosh fan. It’s not that the computers themselves suck, though I must admit I’ve used the Mac a lot over the years and in my experience it crashes more often than the Windows boxes I’ve owned. My dislike of the Macintosh has more to do with the irritating… Read more →

Van Nuys Courthouse Shooting

Between the ambulance chasers, frivolous lawsuits, corporate maneuvering, high finance, and other big dollar areas of our society which are controlled by attorneys, it’s no wonder that dead lawyer jokes are as common as peanuts on a Southwest 737. It’s understandable. Consider our nation’s finest minds, our most brilliant and highly educated physicians. These are people have worked their way… Read more →


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