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Breaking the Rules: Teaching Snap Rolls

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Efficient aerobatic instruction is challenging enough when you’re doing a loop, hammerhead, or Cuban. Those figures last ten or fifteen seconds. A snap roll is over in about one second, and what’s happening is far more involved. So how does one teach the ‘snap’ when this complex maneuver is over almost before it starts? The method I’ve settled upon involves using techniques I normally avoid like the plague.

Reinaldo Beyer Aerobatic Scholarship

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Sunrise Aviation recently announced an annual aerobatic scholarship in memory of Reinaldo Beyer, an outstanding aerobatic pilot, judge, and physician. I think this might be of interest given that my previous post on aviation scholarships has proven to be one of the most popular on the site. I went through a Sunrise aerobatic program after I received my private pilot certificate in 1998, and of all the flying I’ve logged in the ensuing fifteen years, nothing has done more to increase my skill level, safety, and confidence in the air.

Team Aerodynamix

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Physical ability is less important that good judgment when it comes to flying… but there’s no denying the impressive skill of groups like Team Aerodynamix. Take a look at this video and I think you’ll be hard pressed to disagree.

“Am I Nervous?”: An Aerobatic First Solo

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A student of mine does triple duy as pilot, videographer, and narrator on his first aerobatic solo flight.

Taming the Beast

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My most memorable flight? There are many to choose from, but one of the most indelible was soloing a Pitts biplane for the first time in the unexpectedly high winds of the desert southwest. Here’s how it happened.