Month: December 2004


Few things make me truly angry, but this one comes close. In the wake of the rising death toll from the Asian tsunami (currently 60,000 80,000 dead and still counting), United Nations emergency relief coordinator Jan Egeland has implied that the United States is cheap because our initial federal aid package is only $35 million. With all due respect to… Read more →

Happy Festivus!

Hey, if a random professor can invent a holiday (Kwanzaa), why not Jerry Stiller? Many real people are holding parties celebrating Festivus, a holiday most believe was invented on an episode of “Seinfeld” first broadcast the week before Christmas in 1997. “More and more people are familiar with what Festivus is, and it’s growing,” said Jennifer Galdes, a Chicago restaurant… Read more →

Slow-motion helicopter main rotor video

I received an email today from an aeronautical engineering instructor which reminded me that I promised a while back to post a very interesting helicopter video clip. So here it is. I found the clip on Fergworld, which also has a translation for the German narration you’ll hear on the video: The rotortips absorb the turbulence with their flexibility. This… Read more →

The Aviator

A&E aired an fascinating documentary about Howard Hughes today. Well, it was half documentary. The other half seemed to be a combination preview and advertisement for the latest Martin Scorcese film, The Aviator. The program interspersed clips of the real Hughes with commentary from the cast and excerpts from the motion picture. It’s obvious that the cast did their research,… Read more →

ATP Total CFI Program Day 12

Not much to report on day twelve. Only made one flight today, and it went fine. I was having a bit of trouble remembering the commercial maneuvers since I haven’t done them since… well, since I got my commercial certificate circa 9/11/01, but the cobwebs are slowly clearing. You know, I’m starting to think that Lazy Eights are the non-aerobatic… Read more →

ATP Total CFI Program Day 10

Wouldn’t you know it? Just when I was getting used to the 5:00 a.m. flights, they’re over. I took my multi-engine instrument instructor checkride this morning. And passed, thank you very much. In fact, everyone in my class has passed every test so far. Three of us took MEII checkrides this morning. As I recall, Casey departed at 1:00 a.m.,… Read more →


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