ATP Total CFI Program Day 11

I’m sitting in the ATP office and the place is empty.

Just a week ago, the scheduling board was so full you almost couldn’t see any white space on it. Now there’s just a few flights left. Some of those flights are mine, and that’s why I’m still here. All but one other member of my class has finished the program and gone home, but since I was on the “long” 15 hour program, I’m still here. Part of the slowdown is also due to the fact that Christmas is just a few days away and therefore there’s no class right behind us.

Moving back to single engine flying has been an adjustment. The airplane, a 180 hp C172P, is not a stellar performer even on the cold days we’ve been having here in Las Vegas. The terrain out in the practice area northeast of town is so high that we’re flying at 8000 MSL or so. A 50 degree steep turn at that altitude is going to burn off a lot of airspeed. It also takes a virtual act of God to stall the thing compared to the Seminole.

Even so, I’ve been enjoying the return to “simpler” flying. I’m not worried about the last checkride at all, it should be relatively easy. Besides, the Designated Examiner is no longer an unknown since I’ve flown with him before, and the unknown is really what gets people nervous, isn’t it?

It’s not that I’m being nonchalant about the upcoming practical test, but the pace is slow enough that in comparison to the first week it seems like a breeze.

After living in a hotel room for two weeks, I can’t wait to pile into the car and make the drive back to Orange County. Put some Christmas music in the CD player, get into the spirit, and finally relax. Ahhhh….

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