Hit and Run

Poor Lesley! She got into an accident today. I swear that Saturn of hers has been through the wringer. First she had to defer a lot of maintenance on it because she was out of work for a while. Then someone vandalized it in her complex. Now this.

Here’s what happened: Lesley was on her way back to work after lunch and was sitting in some traffic on the 405-South onramp when a white SUV struck the Saturn from behind, pushing her into the vehicle in front of her. Then the SUV driver took off!

A simple accident is one thing. Accidents happen. But a hit-and-run will land you in jail. Now it’s a criminal act. She wasn’t able to get the plate number before the bozo in the SUV (why is it always an SUV?) bolted. And to add insult to injury, no one even stopped to help or see if she was hurt.

The damage to her car is mostly cosmetic. The hood is badly scratched and bent, and there’s probably some damage to the rear bumper system but I think the engine escaped injury. The Camry that was in front of her apparently really got banged up, though. And of course Lesley’s insurance is going to have to pay for that in addition to fixing her own car.

It really pisses me off that someone would hit her and then run! Wherever that scumbag is, I have no doubt karma will find him eventually. If nothing else, he’s probably going to have a few sleepless nights wondering whether the police are going to show up at his door.


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