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If You Can’t Fly…

User Fees for All

User fees for general aviation have been proposed — and rejected — over and over again for nearly two decades. Today something new is in the works: the Federal government has decided to start with the highways instead. It makes me a bit nervous, and I can’t help but wonder whether GA will be able to make the case against those fees after the “freeway” moniker has been fully transformed into a sad anachronism. Read more →

Jet Powered Volkswagon

Forget that sport pilot stuff.  If I ever lose my medical, I’m building one of these: Even Bubb Rubb wouldn’t be able to handle this thing.  According to the builder: This is a street-legal jet car.  The car has two engines: the production gasoline engine in the front driving the front wheels and the jet engine in the back.  The idea is that… Read more →

606 Takes

I’ve been car shopping lately.  My ’93 Eclipse is pushing 200,000 miles and though I love the vehicle, people have been suggesting that it may not last forever. My search was hastened by a breakdown last month.  The idle control motor failed during a battery change.  The guy at Sears who replaced the battery swears it was a simple coincidence that the… Read more →

Go Sell Crazy Somewhere Else

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. I was on my way to work a few days ago – cruising down Alton Boulevard at about 45 mph – when a small geriatric Asian woman suddenly jumped out in front of my car.  Her left hand went up, palm out, making the universal symbol for “stop” as though she was a traffic cop managing a… Read more →

Back Off!

The demented senior citizens who live next to me have a license plate frame on their car which, with six simple words, conveys everything that’s wrong with the world today. It says: “BACK OFF! Our granddaughter’s a lawyer.” With all due respect to attorneys I admire, I’ve spent the last ten years wanting to take that frame off their car… Read more →


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