Month: December 2003

On Howard Dean

Well, I’ve tried to warm up to Vermont Governor Howard Dean. I’ve waited, watched, and read just about everything posted on his campaign web site and official blog. I’ve tried mightily to reach the conclusion that he’s an exciting new player with fresh perspective ready to fight for the right things. But I just can’t. The truth of the matter… Read more →

Where Are the Armed Pilots?

Here’s a recent Washington Times editorial by Boeing 737 captain Tracy W. Price detailing yet another TSA fiasco, this time on guns in the cockpit. I can find no reason for the TSA’s behavior except to say that they do not even remotely understand who they’re dealing with–on either side of the cockpit door. As far as I’m concerned, every… Read more →

Elite Speak

I do believe Rich is onto something with his article on “elite speak”. One undesirable side effect of technology’s march has been the proliferation of abysmal spelling and grammar. We all spend a lot of time at a keyboard dealing with email, instant messages, and other forms of the written word. So it’s tempting to nix things like capital letters,… Read more →

The Patriot Act

I just love that name. It brings to mind images of the Founding Fathers. Or perhaps Mel Gibson defending his home against the British during the Revolutionary War. The very title casts doubt upon the patriotism of anyone who would dare question it. Maybe that’s why this thing has been under my skin since the day it was announced. Maybe… Read more →

Michael Rapp, Man of the Year

Time Magazine has chosen the American soldier as the 2003 Person of the Year. I’ll give that the House of Rapp seal of approval. I hope they print extra copies of the issue and send ’em to the boys in Iraq. Sometimes I wonder if those who are deployed know how much support they have from everyone back home. Between… Read more →

Musical Rapps

Check this out: Anthony Rapp is a musician. Melissa Rapp is a musician. Mark Rapp is a musician. Ron Rapp is a musician. And those are just people with their own Rapp domain names. I also found musicians Barry Rapp, Marcello Rapp, Tom Rapp, Michael Rapp, and Sandy Rapp to name just a few. Even those Rapps I found on… Read more →

God Bless the Bellagio

Lesley and I just returned from Las Vegas. It’s such an interesting place. I’ve experienced Vegas so many different ways. I’ve been a resident there. A student there. A bachelor party attendee there. It’s been an Angel Flight destination for me as a pilot. And so on. Vegas can be the most fun you’ll ever have. It can also be… Read more →

I Hate Signature

I don’t use the word “hate” lightly. But I hate Signature Flight Support. I really do. And I’m not the only one. Look at these comments. We’re headed to Las Vegas tomorrow. The plane is in great shape, the weather is good, and I want to fly. But we’re going to drive. I simply cannot bring myself to give this… Read more →

The Real California Budget Problem

Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill today putting a $15 billion bond measure on the March ballot. I’ll be voting a big fat NO on that proposition. And if you live in California, I strongly encourage you to do the same. Why? It’s quite simple. 1. I’ve been voting in California elections since 1989, and every single year there are tens… Read more →

Canadian Fruitcake

Canada has banned fruitcake from their airports because it’s so dense that not even the latest x-ray equipment can see through it. As if anyone needed proof that this “food” was unfit for human consumption, fruitcake now joins lead as the only substances x-ray machines cannot penetrate. I have a feeling the Society for the Protecton and Preservation of Fruitcake… Read more →


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