Month: December 2003

Skywagon Christmas Skin

Some people just can’t leave well enough alone. In this case, that someone would be me. So I came up with yet another Christmas skin for the site. What do you think? The image was taken from the Christmas cards I used last year. The aircraft is a Cessna 185 Skywagon. This is what they look like in real life.… Read more →

Yes, They Were First

Ah, I love big anniversaries–they always bring out the crackpots and conspiracy theorists. Whether it’s the Kennedy assassination or the Wright Brothers first flight, there’s never a lack of entertaining material to read. The 100th anniversary of the brothers’ achievement is a week from today and the press has run out of things to talk about. So CNN has picked… Read more →

The Housing Bubble

I recently came across an excellent study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research. It’s fifteen months old, but I think it’s just as valid now. Maybe more so, because real estate prices have continued to escalate since that time. Mr. Baker and I are in violent agreement about quite a few things. His study gives hard numbers to… Read more →

Angel Flight

Yesterday I flew my first Angel Flight in quite a while. Angel Flight is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free transportation to people who are too sick or poor to use the airlines. Angel Flight does a lot of other stuff too. We transported blood after September 11th. We fly human organs. Sometimes we’ll transport a terminal patient’s family… Read more →

The Ultimate Airbag

CNN is reporting that Goodyear’s west coast blimp just crashed. Perhaps “crashed” isn’t the right word. As ususal in these cases, no one died. It’s pretty hard to get killed when your trusty steed is a giant airbag with a cruise speed of 30 mph. These blimps are quite rare, even by aviation standards. Goodyear is one of the best… Read more →


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