Month: May 1998

Happy Trails, Phil

I was dumbfounded to learn that Phil Hartman was killed today. Apparently by his wife, no less. Sheesh. Sinatra and even Chris Farley were not a shock, but this is totally unexpected. Maybe there really is a curse on the SNL alumni. If Hartman can go, then no one is safe. I never knew him personally, of course, but he… Read more →

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the official American barbeque day. I honestly think that’s what it means to a lot of Americans. Either that, or just another random name for a three-day weekend. Holidays are such funny things. Did you spend any time today thinking about those who gave their lives in the service of our country? I did, but only because… Read more →

Atari Asteroids

After today’s matinee performance of Pick Up Ax, I was over at my friends Eron and Amy’s place. Eron just got the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time: a 1979 full-size Asteroids video game. Do you remember this? He’s got one of the original ones, with the “Copyright 1979 Atari” burned in to the bottom of the black… Read more →

Microsoft v. Dept. of Justice

It is such perfect timing for Pick Up Ax, I tell ya. This Department of Justice lawsuit against Microsoft for anti-competitive practices is fascinating. Strangely enough I’m actually on Microsoft’s side on this one, even though I love Netscape. I was watching Burden of Proof on CNN today and they had lawyers for both sides arguing their respective cases. It’s… Read more →

Pick Up Ax Finale

I’ve been so good about avoiding any news, articles, conversation, etc. about the Seinfeld finale for the last week. I didn’t get to watch it live, but since I taped it, I figure I’d only have to hide out for a little while. Unfortunately, yours truly picked the one bum videotape at The House of Rapp to record the long-awaited… Read more →

The Voice II

The world is really shedding some tears over Sinatra’s passing. It’s all you see on television. As I was driving up to the theatre last night, I saw a couple of tributes to him along the way. The first was skywriting in the air over Sinatra’s home in Beverly Hills. I heard a story about it on KFWB, looked up,… Read more →

The Voice

Frank Sinatra Dec. 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998               Today is a very sad day. The Voice is gone. One of those days that will remain etched in your memory forever; you’ll always be able answer the question, “Where were you when you heard?” I was standing in my living room, flipping aimlessly through the stations. When I… Read more →

KFI AM 640

The last episode of Seinfeld is tomorrow. You’d have to be living inside a hermetically sealed bubble to have not heard about it by now. Supposed to be the most watched sitcom episode in history, something like a billion people. On the John and Ken Show (it’s on an L.A. talk radio station, KFI 640 AM), John has been going… Read more →

Playing in the Rain

Today, a new addition to the site: the Rappcam! I don’t have any particular reason for doing it. But then again, I don’t need a reason, so it works out pretty well, wouldn’t you say? I was inspired by the .zannahcam., which is still of a much higher quality than mine. But oh well. Trying to install the stupid thing… Read more →

Cheer Up

I’m pretty bummed about the lack of audience we’ve had for Pick Up Ax. We only had four people tonight. Even in a 99 seat house, that’s pretty bad. Where the hell are all those people who said they’d be there back when I told them about it during the past year and a half? It’s so discouraging to play… Read more →


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