The Voice II

sincaptl.jpgThe world is really shedding some tears over Sinatra’s passing. It’s all you see on television. As I was driving up to the theatre last night, I saw a couple of tributes to him along the way. The first was skywriting in the air over Sinatra’s home in Beverly Hills. I heard a story about it on KFWB, looked up, and there it was in the sky above me. A cross, the letters FS, and a heart.

I kept on driving. Later, as I passed the famous Capital Records building on the Hollywood freeway, I noticed that the top of the building had been encircled with black fabric. It almost looked as if the building was wearing a black armband. I thought that was particularly memorable since F.S. recorded so many of his big hits there. Ahh, the “Capitol Years”.

Something occurred to me. The TV and radio stations had intervews, histories, stories, and tributes running literally minutes after the announcement of Sinatra’s death yesterday. That means they prepared all these stories about his death while he was still alive and had them just waiting to go. Creepy.

Speaking of creepy, I was onstage last night, in pain as usual because of my back, and during the fight scene (where it usually hurts like hell) the pain just went away for the rest of the show. It was a welcome relief, but totally odd. I just can’t figure this thing out! Back pain is awful. If it’s just a muscle pull I don’t mind so much. I can deal with some pain. What worries me is the vertebrae and spinal cord elements. If those get damaged you’re more or less screwed.


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