Playing in the Rain

Today, a new addition to the site: the Rappcam! I don’t have any particular reason for doing it. But then again, I don’t need a reason, so it works out pretty well, wouldn’t you say? I was inspired by the .zannahcam., which is still of a much higher quality than mine. But oh well. Trying to install the stupid thing was quite a pain. I seem to have used up all my IRQs, so I couldn’t install the parallel card I got. I should have remembered that. I even had to disable my second serial port a while back in order to give that IRQ to the Ethernet card.

But enough mumbo jumbo. It’s a fabulous day outside. It’s been raining like hell the past few days, and today the sky is clear and blue! Speaking of rain, I always said that the next time it rained I was going to go ouside and play in it. That was a long time ago, before El Nino even arrived. But I finally did it, and boy was it fun. Literally singing in the rain.

I have to say, though, that it was completely freezing out there. Not only was it cold, but the wind was blowing. By the time I was done my teeth were chattering and my hands were blue. I mean, really blue. But it’s all in the name of good fun. I managed to take some photos. Does water hurt disposable cameras? Hmmm.

Later today I managed to injure my back somehow. All I was doing was sitting in a chair, and suddenly, it hit me. So now I’m more-or-less immobile. Had to cancel the Pick Up Ax rehearsal for today so I could rest. Hopefully I’ll be back in business for tomorrow’s performance.

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