Print Designs

Okay, it’s 1:17 am on Easter morning, so I suppose I can be the first to officially wish you a Happy Easter. To my body, though, it’s still yesterday. I’m sick right now, so what the heck am I doing up? I guess I’m still a little excited about the flyer for Pick Up Ax that I just finished. I worked on it for a good portion of the day, and I think it turned out well. Have a look:


My experience with print is not all that extensive. I’m used to working at 72 dpi, so when the opportunity comes along to do something which will leave my hands and go to A Mysterious Service Bureau, I’m a little trepiditious. Will they laugh at my design? Will I get a call from a haughty printer? “What the hell were you thinking? You didn’t include the fonts/metrics/other stuff we need!” Will they ask for something I don’t even know about?

The first major print job I did was the current season brochure for the Vanguard Theatre Ensemble. That turned out pretty well I think. This is the outside of the brochure:

In its final form it was a tri-fold design, with a smaller 3rd flap which was more or less ornamental. The Roman numeral VII designated this as VTE’s seventh season.

Hmph. I don’t know how this evolved into a portfolio presentation, but it seems to have done just that. I guess it’s just a trip working at 600 dpi. I’m glad I don’t do it every day, though–my computer crawls when working at that resolution.


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