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A Week in St. Thomas

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St. Maarten was so much fun that after returning to Los Angeles, I flew right back to the Caribbean for a week’s vacation on the island of St. Thomas.

The Year in Review

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A look back at the the big events that took place for me in aviation during 2011, along with a few photos.

Independence Day from the Air

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As with many things, the view is better from an airplane on the 4th of July. Kristi and I were out of town, but a friend provided an aerial view of a southern California fireworks show.


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I explain the lack of updates on the site, along with current news from the aviation sector and my personal life.


Mazel Tov

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There’s a rueful old saying which reminds us that while you can pick your friends, you can’t pick your family. Although that’s generally true, a wedding tends to puts the kibosh on that logic. In modern society, at least, you certainly can pick your spouse. And that’s exactly what my…read more