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The Journey of a Thousand Miles

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AOPA and EAA suggested a slight expansion of the sport pilot medical exemption. Congress got a hold of that idea and took it to the next level, and is considering eliminating formal medical certification for most private pilots. Is this too good to be true? How did we get here? And what does it mean for GA’s future?

Time for a Shakeup

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Flying is a considerably safer today than it was when the NTSB was first established. But the Board’s safety recommendations have picked most of the low-hanging fruit over the past ninety years, and the things they suggest nowadays are sometimes divorced from reality because they don’t consider the cost their proposed enhancements place on an overburdened industry. Perhaps it’s time to change that.

Mandated Spin Training

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The stick-and-rudder skill deficiencies in today’s pilots didn’t start today. It began years ago when they were learning how to fly. Fixing it will require a journey into the past. It’s time to get back to basics, and you won’t cover all the bases unless spin training is a central part of the mix.

Multi-Pilot Crews in Phase One Flight Testing

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The FAA may begin allowing non-required crew to fly on Phase One test fights. I think this might be a bad idea… and I’m strongly in favor of allowing it. A contradiction, you say? Not at all…

FAA Tower Closures

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The FAA’s proposed tower closure list hits Southern California airports particularly hard. Let’s look at some numbers and see if this makes sense.