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The Hello Kitty Jet

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Hello Kitty, goodbye dignity. It may be fun for Sanrio fans, but I’ll be avoiding the new fleet of EVA Air jets like the plague, thank you very much.

When I Ruled the World

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The year was 1981. Life was good, and I was about to join an elite group which would put me on top of the heap. The codename of this wondrous event? ZX80.

Goodbye, O.C.

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There is a God! That god-awful TV series, “The O.C.”, has finally been canceled.


The 40 Year Old Virgin

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It’s not just a movie anymore. Vaginal rejuvenation costs thousands of dollars and is done with a laser. It includes a variety of procedures, such as women getting their labia made smaller because it is uncomfortable for them to engage in physical activity or have intercourse, women getting their vaginal…read more


Foo Fighters Good; Sony Bad

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Some of the most relaxing moments of the San Carlos dive trip were had during surface intervals on the boat. A ‘surface interval’ is a period of time spent on the surface in between dives. This time allows the body to naturally rid itself of excess nitrogen accumulated while breathing…read more