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Fueling the GA Economy

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Have you ever wondered why aviation fuel prices can vary by 50% or more between airports — even ones located just a few miles from each other? EAA’s Mac McClellan thinks it’s because big FBOs provide lots of services and we must pay for them via higher fuel prices. I take a differing view.

User Fees for All

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User fees for general aviation have been proposed — and rejected — over and over again for nearly two decades. Today something new is in the works: the Federal government has decided to start with the highways instead. It makes me a bit nervous, and I can’t help but wonder whether GA will be able to make the case against those fees after the “freeway” moniker has been fully transformed into a sad anachronism.

The Spirit of 1903

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If I had one wish for general aviation, it would be that GA grows and prospers. The big debate is over how to do that! From where I sit it’s pretty simple: make it cheaper.

The Future is Already Here

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By any measure, general aviation has been on the decline for years in the United States. But I’m convinced the future will be bright — as long as the industry maintains an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to accept risk.

Aviation Scholarships

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Okay, so you want to pursue flight training but the funds just aren’t there. Wouldn’t it be great if someone appeared out of thin air with the money you need to achieve your goal? It’s not as far-fetched as you might think…