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Lighten Up!

High Jumping the Olympic Shark

In honor of this weekend’s closing ceremonies (and sponsored in part by Rich’s Top Five List-o-Rama), I give you the Top Ten Signs the Olympics Have Jumped the Shark: 10. The Parthenon was built faster than the Olympic stadium 9. Synchronized swimming? 8. Not a single riot during Olympic soccer 7. Forty percent of tickets unsold 6. U.S. women’s basketball… Read more →

The Crazy Jackson

When I refer to the “crazy Jackson”, you’d think I’m talking about Michael. And up until now, you’d be right. But from out of nowhere comes sister Janet to claim that title by suggesting that her “wardrobe malfunction” at the Superbowl is actually President Bush’s fault. According to Janet, the President engineered the whole fracas in order to divert attention… Read more →

Camera For Sale

Anyone need a cool digital camera, cheap? A friend sent me this message: “I’m selling a friend’s digital camera. He’s in the hospital now, and will probably be there for a while. He needs the money to pay for medical bills – it’s a great camera, see the attached last picture he took to see the amazing photo resolution &… Read more →

Halloween, Irvine Style

My friend Jon Lagerquist and I have been discussing Halloween. Via e-mail, we’ve been trying to figure out what Halloween in Irvine actually means. Does it really exist? I’m not sure. I have been living here for about 5 years and have yet to have a single trick-or-treater come to my door. I don’t even buy candy anymore. We determined… Read more →


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