High Jumping the Olympic Shark

In honor of this weekend’s closing ceremonies (and sponsored in part by Rich’s Top Five List-o-Rama), I give you the Top Ten Signs the Olympics Have Jumped the Shark:

10. The Parthenon was built faster than the Olympic stadium

9. Synchronized swimming?

8. Not a single riot during Olympic soccer

7. Forty percent of tickets unsold

6. U.S. women’s basketball team referred to as The Dream Queens

5. Carly Patterson’s eyebrows

4. Bob Costas

3. What’s with all the falafel?

2. Seventy-five pound gymnast declared obese due to incorrect starting value

… and the number one sign the Olympics have jumped the shark:

1. Race walking (aka hitting rock bottom)

  2 comments for “High Jumping the Olympic Shark

  1. Jon
    August 28, 2004 at 11:32 am

    I flipped on the tube to see what was on the Olympics the other day and saw this race walking crap. What a pathetic excuse for a “sport”. We may as well make “channel surfing” or “solving the Rubick’s cube” Olympic sports.

    You’re right, though, the Olympics has jumped…. way jumped… the shark. The only thing that would really make it compelling viewing for me is if the whole world decided to use the Olympics to solve international disputes instead of war. How righteous would that have been to see May & Walsh beat the Iraqi women’s beach volleyball team only to have Saddam handed over to us during the medal ceremony? I’d tune in for that!

  2. Ron
    August 28, 2004 at 10:55 pm

    Hmmm, I think you may be on to something here! This would certainly help fill the seats and improve the ratings.

    Of course, May & Walsh already do that…

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