A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Hopefully, the old saying is true, and will make up for my largess in the writing department as of late. Don’t worry, I’ll be turning out the tripe again soon enough. Until then, enjoy these photos of:

  • Elixir of Love – a very well recieved production of this classic opera, set in a 1950’s west Texas diner. Think of it as opera infused with a Grease-esqe panache. The show just closed last night.
  • Carmen – yes, again.
  • SoCal RV Rendezvous – I presented a seminar on aerobatics at this gathering of RV pilots. If I recall the numbers correctly, more than 50 aircraft showed up. It made for some impressive photos of the ramp…
  • Wild Animal Park backstage tour – this is probably the best way to get up close and personal with the cheetah, tiger, lion, and other cats while seeing how things work behind the scenes. Well worth the ~$20 cost.

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