Month: June 2006

Vector Limits

There’s something very satisfying about instrument flying. I’m not sure if it’s the precision, the difficulty, the pilot/controller teamwork, or the sheer magic of being able to whisk through three dimensional space for hours on end without seeing anything outside the aircraft, navigating and maintaining ones situational awareness all the while. Despite what the some would have you believe, all instrument… Read more →

Sport Aerobatics Article

Sport Aerobatics is the monthly magazine for the International Aerobatic Club. It’s a pretty good read.  Of all the magazines I get — and there are quite a few of them – I like this one the most.  It’s the smallest, but the content is right up my alley.  “Let’s talk about aerobatics!”.  The magazine is also one of the things IAC… Read more →

Just Drop Off the Key, Lee

It seems that Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca thinks he’s above the law.  Normally he’d be right. But Baca’s department demonstrated a custom designed unmanned surveillance drone to the media last week.  The problem?  They ignored written counsel from the Federal Aviation Administration, which had told the Sheriff’s Department that flying the drone would require certification from the Feds… Read more →

Another Day at the Blockhouse

Fellow IAC36 competitor James Pratt borrowed a digital video camera and made this video of his practice session in the Super Decathlon today. This is the aircraft I flew last season before moving into the S-2B. Speaking of which, the video is interesting because there’s a lot of talk about video systems right now. A two camera system is being… Read more →

We’re Going Ballistic, Mav

Alternative titles:  “A Place Called Vertigo”, or perhaps “How to Dismantle an Atomic Pitts” An F-14 has nothing on this baby.  Speaking of which, isn’t it ironic that the Tomcat has been retired while the Pitts Special — a 1940’s design! — is entering it’s sixth decade of production? There’s just no end to the cool photography one can generate when you’ve got an airplane… Read more →


Lesley and I just got back from a great trip to the central California coast. It wasn’t a flying trip — I did a Norcal trip via plane the week before last.  But more on that later. Those of you who know me know I don’t like driving long distances in cars.  I mean, isn’t that why God created the… Read more →


The 2006 aerobatic season is underway.  In fact, fully one-third of the California contests are already in the books.  I finished in second place at the Borrego MiniFest and a distant sixth at Apple Valley.  I haven’t written anything about it as yet, mainly because I’ve been too busy flying to write about flying. This is a good thing. But… Read more →


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