We’re Going Ballistic, Mav

Pitts over El Toro

Alternative titles:  “A Place Called Vertigo”, or perhaps “How to Dismantle an Atomic Pitts”

An F-14 has nothing on this baby.  Speaking of which, isn’t it ironic that the Tomcat has been retired while the Pitts Special — a 1940’s design! — is entering it’s sixth decade of production?

There’s just no end to the cool photography one can generate when you’ve got an airplane like this.  A 20″ wide glossy print of this photo is being framed right now.  It’s going to be the centerpiece of my home office.  The composite image shows the runways of the old El Toro Marine Corps Air station in the background.

What would make this even cooler?  Well, future plans for the aircraft include reinstalling the smoke system and putting in a video system with multiple cameras.  Great for demo rides, debriefing aerobatic training flights, and plain old everyday fun.

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