More Corona Airport Disaster Photos

Corona Airport flood damageI’ve added some new photos of the Corona Airport flood. These are great aerial shots that really show the extent of the damage.

I don’t know who took these pictures. I’ve just been saving copies of anything and everything to my hard drive in an attempt to preserve a record of what’s happened. I know these images are available in other places on the web, but you never know when they’ll be moved or lost. One thing I’m good at is archiving copies, and I’m sure years from now someone will have a hard time believing how much water covered the field. And how fast it all happened.

A quick update on the status of the airport: basically it’s still closed to all air traffic and most all ground vehicles. The longer it stays closed, the worse the financial damage will be to the businesses that call Corona home. There are some plans afoot to seek disaster aid from the state, but politics being what it is, I’d bet that no government agency will provide any relief. Like virtually every general aviation airport, Corona Municipal will be left to sink or swim (literally) on it’s own. Sad. And cynical, I know. But that’s how it is.

In other airport news, it seems that the world’s coolest little airport, Agua Dulce, is going to be shut down to outside traffic permanently. The forward looking citizens of Agua Dulce have seen fit to generate the half dozen or so complaints needed to close a public airport. This despite something like eight thousand letters of support for the field.

The airport owner, Barry Kershner, has sunk several million dollars into improvements at Agua Dulce. A killer pilots lounge & diner, swimming pool, recreation areas, and more. Not to attract jets or big business, but simply to make the airport a safe, friendly and community-centric place that the residents of Agua Dulce could look at with a sense of pride and ownership. But no good deed goes unpunished when you’re a pilot, and they seem to be forcing Barry to protect his investment by agreeing to ban all aircraft not based at Agua Dulce from landing there. The alternative is that they seek to have his operating permit revoked.

If the airport is closed, I hope Barry turns the property into the most garish and obnoxious strip mall ever created. If the residents of Agua Dulce favor a scorched earth policy, then that’s what they should get.

  3 comments for “More Corona Airport Disaster Photos

  1. yogesharadhya
    February 12, 2005 at 8:53 am

    we would like know, the details about it

  2. John K. Emmons
    February 24, 2005 at 3:39 am

    Ron, I am in hangar #27 Bldg #1951 and I was left to swim, and sink . THE FLOOD WATER REALLY “STANK”,effluent of CIVILIZATION¨¨¨!!!
    the City of CORONA, does not give a RIP about the AIRPORT.
    IT ADMINISTERS THE AIRDROME UNDER THE “PARKS AND RECREATION” like it was a football field. A use at your own risk and total litagatious C.Y.A. ATTITUDE during the multiple flooding events. JAN 9-12 AND FEB 17-23. Seems in the “Shelter for the PEOPLE”, curption greed driven frenzy of the “DEVELOPERS” AND CITY EMPIRE BUILDERS, the AIRPORT “ONLY STANDS”because it is on a FLOOD PLANE and cant be insured by banks to bild “SHELTER” for the PEOPLE!!!!
    Any flat ground is “FAIR GAME” for developers and politicians(TAX MONEY) , personally watched MEDOWLARK AIRPORT HUNTINGTON BEACH (KL16)go under the D-9 CAT In late 80es , almost all general aviation airports in the SO CAL area are under threat. ONLY BRIGHT SPOT IS FLA BOB, sponsored BOUGHT AND PROTECTED BY TOM WAFFEN.



  3. March 24, 2005 at 7:20 am

    Folks, this is what you get when you allow governments to control your property and your behavior. Unfortunately, failure to submit to the FAA means no fly, so there you go. It’s 100x worse when a government owns and operates an airport – whoever they are running it for the benefit of, it definitely isn’t you, the pilots. Support your favorite private airports financially and politically – once they are gone, the government will be all you have left.

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