Month: March 2004


There’s a new design in town. There are seven other skins here, but this is the first one that leaves the old layout completely behind. The others are all variations on a single design. I’ve taken to calling this new skin the “Starsky & Hutch Go Flying” theme. It has a certain hip 70’s panache to it, don’t you think?… Read more →

Semper Fi, Bob

There are as many types of weblogs on the World Wide Web as there are people to read them. But one of the most timely weblog subcultures is a unique brand of no-spin news borne out of the war on terrorism. They’re often referred to as “war blogs” — online journals updated remotely from the Middle East by soldiers who… Read more →

Vote, Dammit!

I doubt there is a single voter the nation’s electorate who hasn’t at one time been told that “if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain”. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? The last presidential election only reinforced the importance of voter participation. Those that don’t take the time to cast their ballot have little credibility when it… Read more →

Convertible Baron

My home base airport sits in the Santa Ana canyon area of Southern California. It’s so heavily traveled by general aviation aircraft that a certain paranoia about a midair collision sets in. Everyone–and I mean everyone–keeps their eyes peeled while flying near Corona. When flying over less populated areas, however, a certain complacency can set in. After all, midair collisions… Read more →

Fun With NTSB Reports

Anyone want to take a guess what the pilots of this aircraft were doing when the plane crashed? It may seem cruel to make light of an accident that took two lives, but I can’t help but chuckle when this appears in an official NTSB accident report: EXAMINATION OF THE INDIVIDUALS’ CLOTHING REVEALED NO EVIDENCE OF RIPPING OR DISTRESS TO… Read more →


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