Semper Fi, Bob

There are as many types of weblogs on the World Wide Web as there are people to read them.

But one of the most timely weblog subcultures is a unique brand of no-spin news borne out of the war on terrorism. They’re often referred to as “war blogs” — online journals updated remotely from the Middle East by soldiers who give first-hand accounts of what they’re experiencing.

I don’t follow too many war blogs, but one I did check out periodically was Bob Zangas’ Journey in Iraq. Bob served a tour of duty in Iraq in 2003 with the Marine Corps, then returned a few months ago as a civilian to work with the Coalition Provisional Authority.

Sadly, Bob was killed a few days ago when his car was ambushed at a roadblock just south of Baghdad.

Though I did not know him personally, it’s clear that both the U.S. and Iraq will be poorer for his loss. Bob has taken his “final flight” (as we aviators like to say), but the legacy of his work will — God willing — bear fruit in that hostile desert for generations to come.

Semper Fidelis, Bob.


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