Skylane for Sale

1975 Cessna 182P
“Tweety Bird”


N6594M has been SOLD!



Additional photos available here.

  • 3000 hours total time
  • 1150 hours SFRM on the factory reman engine (1993)
  • 50 hours since prop overhaul (2003)
  • 100 hours since mags were overhauled (2003)


  • heated pitot
  • static wicks
  • alternate static air
  • Cessna umbrella fuel caps
  • Rosen sun visors
  • nav light detectors
  • vernier throttle, prop and mixture
  • horizontal stabilizer abrasion boots
  • dual landing lights, strobes, beacon, nav lights
  • Kennon sun shields
  • external cabin cover
  • two fire extinguishers (halon & chemical)


  • tan on white
  • glass is ok; some crazing in the windshield


  • leather interior–excellent condition
  • berber carpeting throughout
  • fully articulating pilot and co-pilot seats


  • flown regularly (150-200 hours per year)
  • no damage history
  • all new fuel cells (2003)
  • new fuel lines (2003)
  • new vent hoses (2003)
  • new Concorde RG battery (2004)
  • new tires (2003)
  • new engine mount heat shields (2003)
  • new exhaust system (2002)
  • new airbox beef-up kit installed (2003)
  • new stainless flap roller service kit installed (2003)
  • new baffling
  • all AD’s have been complied with
  • regular CorrosionX anti-corrosion treatment
  • hangared at Corona Airport (AJO)


  • Narco Mk-12D digital nav/com with glideslope
  • MX-300 digital nav/com
  • King KN-64 DME
  • King KMA-20 audio panel & marker beacon
  • ARC 300 series ADF
  • Apollo 618 loran
  • ARC 400 series transponder
  • post lights
  • four-place intercom
  • avionics fan
  • Astrotech LC-2 digital chronometer/clock
  • coaxial line connected to aircraft’s external com antenna (for handheld radio)
  • aircraft is pre-wired for GPS via a secondary circuit breaker panel on the center pedestal with Klixon pullable breakers

History: Aircraft spent most of it’s life in the dry desert of Arizona. It was at John Wayne for a couple of years, but I had it on an anti-corrosion program while it was there. It was treated with Boeshield T-9 and fogged with CorrosionX. It’s been a very reliable aircraft. I’ve never been stranded or had to cancel a trip for any mechanical reason in more than 800 hours of operation. I’ve flown it from L.A. to Seattle and back several times, as well as trips to Reno, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, and many other places.

Engine: Compressions and oil analysis have always been good. The aircraft has not required any top end work on the engine since the factory reman engine was installed in 1993. As most big-bore TCM engine owners will tell you, this is rare. 1993 was a good year for TCM engines. Oil consumption has remained stable, about 10-15 hours per quart. Oil analysis is performed periodically.

Prop: Just overhauled. The prop governor was overhauled about 3 years ago.

Avionics: Solid IFR platform. Everything works–all avionics, instruments, etc. right down to the last post light. I had the MK-12D nav/com radio overhauled about 18 months ago by Western Avionics.

Damage History: Aircraft has no appreciable damage history. In 1988, a pilot ran out of fuel and made an off-airport landing in the Camp Verde area of Arizona. The wheel pants were slightly damaged and the lower cowling was dented. The airplane was flown out of the desert on a ferry permit and the fairing were replaced and the dent repaired in Phoenix. Since the plane was flown out, I never considered it a “damage history”.

Logs are complete. They are also scanned into PDF format and can be provided on CD if requested.

The aircraft is well rigged, flies straight and level hands-off, and many “optional” service kits and bulletins have been complied with. I am an active member of the Cessna Pilots Association and follow the recommendations in their various Tech Notes for maintenance and upkeep of the plane. It is flown gently and not abused. It has never been used for flight training.

Ron Rapp, owner
(949) 552-9044 home
(714) 743-0360 cell
email: ron at rapp dot org

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