Postcards from the Edge

I’ve been away from the House of Rapp for a while. Probably you have too. Life has a funny way of and overtaking you like you’re an old lady leisurely cruising on Interstate 5 at midnight. If you can’t relate to what I’m talking about, then you should consider yourself lucky to have internet access in that hermetically sealed bubble.

One of the things I did do recently was an Illumine collaborative project entitled Postcards from the Edge. The project involved each Illumine member writing a postcard to himself at some pivotal point in life, some moment when we he was “on the edge”. The moment I chose was my birth. That’s pretty pivotal, though it’s not something I had any control over. What makes this project unique is that we were supposed to create an image for the front of the postcard. You’ll understand better when you see it.


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