Vacation ’98, Day Seven

Every vacation should end with a “recovery day”. This one did. Slept in like crazy, then went to look at new housing developments around Irvine. They’re trying to build stuff which doesn’t look like tract housing. I’m not sure they’ve totally succeeded, but I have to admit they’re trying very hard. Dinner was at the Crab Cooker in Newport Beach, followed by a stroll along the board walk. While waiting for a table, I paged through an O.C. Weekly.

I don’t know why I continue to read this paper. If it leaned anymore to the left it would end up on the right again through some sheer law of physics which must have been brought into existence simply to balance out the skewed perspective, rampant narcissism, and deflating pessimism about Orange County which only it can provide. And that’s on a good day. But at least it makes you think about what you believe. It would shock no one to learn that I often disagree with O.C. Weekly; but you gotta love any rag where they routinely use words like “fuck” and “bitch slap”. This particular issue contained an article on the evils of college courses via the Internet.

So Vacation ’98 comes to an end. Doing a “local” vacation was kinda nice. Not only inexpensive, but really fun. There is so much to do in Southern California that this vacation could probably have continued for another two months and not run out of new stuff to do.


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