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A Ball of Blue

NATS, the British ATC entity, recently published a video modeling a day’s air traffic over southern England. It’s an impressive technical achievement, but it left me feeling sad about what’s missing from the skies over there. Read more →

The Red Rocket

I suppose every pilot has a catalog of “dream aircraft” they’d like to fly before their gravity-defying days are over. My bucket list includes a quirky looking homebuilt called the Questair Venture.

The Venture conjures up a unique set of images: blistering speed, eggs, air racing, and more than a crash or two. Many folks deride the airplane for it’s unusual fuselage shape. I’ll grant that she’s undoubtedly unique, but I happen to love the compact, curving visage of this zippy little ship. Read more →

Cheapo Airlines

“No-frills” seems to be the rule more than the exception these days for most of the flying public, but nobody takes it to the extreme quite like the Irish airline Ryanair. Instead of just charging to use the lavatory, they’re now doing away with them altogether! Read more →


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