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Flying is Not Driving

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The mid-century era was a wonderful time for design, architecture, and even aviation. Unfortunately, it was also the top of a slippery slope in pilot proficiency which just happens to have coincided with a proliferation of nosewheel designs… and a maddening late 50′s advertising campaign by Cessna based on the concept that flying = driving. Every time I see this ad, all I can think is “no, No, NO!” I don’t care how many flying cars or roadable airplanes they build, flying will never be anything like driving.

Stick & Rudder Skills Are Important

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A highly experienced airline captain and ERAU aviation professor has opined that automation management skills should be receiving more focus than basic stick-and-rudder aptitude. Wanna guess what I think of that idea?

Reducing the Cost of Flight Training

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It’s not exactly a news flash to say that flight training is expensive. But there are ways to economize without cutting corners on the quality of your training. Here are ten ways to get the most bang for your aviation buck and avoid joining the 80% of students who never complete their training.

The Lusty Horn

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Operating the landing gear is pretty simple. There are only two choices: up or down. Why, then, do so many folks seem to have it in the wrong place when coming back to earth? I have a theory about that…

G-IV Type Rating, Day 21

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Twenty two days after arriving in Dallas, the Big Day is here! Did I squeak through… or go down in a blaze of glory? I give the answer, and some final thoughts about the Gulfstream IV PIC initial type rating course.