Go Eagles!

Eagles celebrating a quadruple overtime winMy alma mater, Concordia University, won an amazing basketball game in quadruple overtime last night to advance to the NAIA national championship game. Go Eagles!

Levi Luster scored the go-ahead bucket with a minute left in the fourth overtime, and Concordia ousted top-seeded and previously unbeaten Robert Morris 124-119 on Monday night in the semifinals of the NAIA tournament.

Keith Lawrence, whose off-balance 3-pointer at the buzzer forced the fourth overtime, made a pair of free throws with 19 seconds left that gave Concordia a 122-119 lead in the second-longest game in the 70-year history of this small-college championship.

CUI has been on a tear the past few years. We won the national championship in 2003 and made it to the finals in ’04. Not exactly the NCAA, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

Orange County Crush

CNN is reporting that one of Orange County’s richest ghetto fab hoodlums, Dennis Rodman, is going back to work.

Dennis Rodman signed a contract with the Orange County (Calif.) Crush of the ABA. Insiders predict he’ll get in a scrap with onetime Chino bad boy Ryan by sweeps week.

My first thought was: when did the American Bar Association field a sports team? Then I realized they were referring to the American Basketball Association, which hasn’t existed since 1976. Didn’t the ABA merge with the NBA a quarter of a century ago? Was the NBA not successful enough for them? Did they decide to seceed after Kerry lost the election?

Also, I thought Orange Crush was a carbonated beverage, not a basketball team. Orange Crush can also describe a particularly bad stretch of freeway where the 5, 57, and 22 meet near Anaheim Stadium.

And since when does Orange County have a professional basketball team at all? I still haven’t gotten used to the fact that Long Beach has a hockey team (another unfortuate name: Ice Dogs). On the other hand, perhaps a new pro basketball league is a great idea. You have to be George Soros to afford tickets to a Laker game these days. That might explain why I still haven’t seen the inside of Staples Center.

I liked the reference to television’s The O.C.. Perhaps Rodman can grab the mike from the announcer before every home game and taunt the opposing team with that famous line: “Welcome to the O.C., bitch”.

High Jumping the Olympic Shark

In honor of this weekend’s closing ceremonies (and sponsored in part by Rich’s Top Five List-o-Rama), I give you the Top Ten Signs the Olympics Have Jumped the Shark:

10. The Parthenon was built faster than the Olympic stadium

9. Synchronized swimming?

8. Not a single riot during Olympic soccer

7. Forty percent of tickets unsold

6. U.S. women’s basketball team referred to as The Dream Queens

5. Carly Patterson’s eyebrows

4. Bob Costas

3. What’s with all the falafel?

2. Seventy-five pound gymnast declared obese due to incorrect starting value

… and the number one sign the Olympics have jumped the shark:

1. Race walking (aka hitting rock bottom)

Death by Solitare

I like playing a computer game as much as the next guy. But this is a bit extreme:

“It was a small fight, something silly,” said Chrisostomides’ cousin and downstairs neighbor, Paul Michaelides. “It started about who would play solitaire on the computer.”

The fight escalated, and Ioannou eventually hurled herself from the balcony, they said. She fell onto a concrete driveway that winds behind the apartment building.

The fight escalated. Ya think??

Exactly how do you go from “hey, it’s my turn to play Solitare on the computer” to “I must jump to my death from this balcony”? There’s something really twisted about these two. As if the impulsiveness of her leaping off a balcony isn’t enough, the guy waits several days and then does the same thing right in front of his grandparents. O-kayyyyy…


Aliso Creek Golf Course Paul and I played nine holes today at Aliso Creek, a golf course tucked in a small canyon just off Pacific Coast Highway in South Laguna Beach.

Our timing was perfect: right after a long weekend. There were very few people there and we were able to play the course as a twosome instead of being paired with other players.

Though I used to hit the driving range near my house on a semi-regular basis, I think this was only the third or fourth time I’ve played on an actual course. Was it fun? Hell yeah. Was it pretty? Hell no. It’s embarrasing to keep chipping balls into the water while some 90 year old guy who can barely stand up straight puts them right on the green. Or drives a ball 200 yards off the first tee. Thankfully, I’m not proud. My driving sucked, but I did manage to sink a challenging 35-40 foot putt on the 4th green. We smoked cigars and just enjoyed the nice weather.

This evening I went back to Punchout Fitness to resume boxing classes after a two year layoff. Things have changed a bit over there, and I’m not just talking about the prices. They’re moving the entire gym to Irvine in August and expanding their facilities to four times the current size. I suppose it’ll be closer to my house, but I’ll miss the tiny sweatshop of a space they have now in Tustin. It’s sort of grungy with nothing in the way of frills, just like a boxing gym should be.

The class was a killer–just about what I expected. But it felt great afterwards to have worked off a thousand calories in an hour. Many gyms have these classes, but I don’t think they’re quite the same as taking it at an actual boxer’s gym.

Speaking of kickboxing, for some reason those classes are always packed while the standard boxing ones are rarely full. I’ve never considered kickboxing because most people that are into it have huge muscular legs. If you’re bodybuilding it’s okay, but for normal people it looks a little… odd.