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Mandated Spin Training

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The stick-and-rudder skill deficiencies in today’s pilots didn’t start today. It began years ago when they were learning how to fly. Fixing it will require a journey into the past. It’s time to get back to basics, and you won’t cover all the bases unless spin training is a central part of the mix.

Aviation Scholarships

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Okay, so you want to pursue flight training but the funds just aren’t there. Wouldn’t it be great if someone appeared out of thin air with the money you need to achieve your goal? It’s not as far-fetched as you might think…

The Good Life

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To me, flying is The Good Life, even when you’re not in the air. Here’s a video that says it better than I ever could.

Constant Speed Propeller Maintenance

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Physical failure of a prop blade or hub in flight is far more likely to kill you than an engine failure. So why do many pilots ignore the relatively infrequent maintenance needed by their constant-speed propeller?

Low and Slow

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Flying’s always an adventure — especially when it’s a coast-to-coast trip in a light aircraft!