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Adrift in a Sea of Fog

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I can’t help waxing poetic about one of my favorite weather phenomena, especially after seeing this beautifully crafted time-lapse homage to the famous San Francisco fog.

The Year in Review

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A look back at the the big events that took place for me in aviation during 2011, along with a few photos.


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I explain the lack of updates on the site, along with current news from the aviation sector and my personal life.


The Big 34

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I just put up some captioned photos from my birthday party.  I was gonna write a big thing about it, but photos are far more interesting aren’t they? I will say that when you have birthdays like this one, it almost makes getting older something to look forward to!  A…read more


Plastic Airliners

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A post over at Cockpit Conversation got me thinking about the 787 Dreamliner, a new all-composite airliner from Boeing. That post referenced a British newspaper article whose title was a bit sensationalistic.  “Passenger aircraft rivals clash over safety of fuselage built from plastic”.  Airplanes are not built out of plastic, they’re made of carbon…read more