The House of Rapp

Big Brother is Watching

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As pilots, it’s worth remembering that virtually all aircraft contain computerized devices, even if they’re just portable ones. They’re everywhere, and they record things that can come back to haunt us later.

The Double Standard

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A guy intentionally fires multiple shotgun blasts at a landing biplane and gets a year of probation for it. I can’t help but wonder what the penalty would be if it was a car instead of an aircraft. Could it be that we have a double standard here?

FAA Proposes Class D Airspace at LAX

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Analysis of a confusing proposal from the FAA to add Class D airspace to Los Angeles International Airport.

A Carb-Free Future

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The general aviation fleet is put at risk by the loss of a major parts supplier. The reason? Product liability concerns.


Charts: Are They Required?

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Is it legal to fly without charts? With very few exceptions, the surprising answer for VFR or IFR is actually “yes”.