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Passengers: Keeping Things Interesting

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When it comes to cataloging the intriguing travelers one has encountered over the years, few people can rival the improbably tall tales spun by pilots. Obviously it’s important to maintain confidentiality in this business, but by removing all identifying information and changing some details, a few entertaining stories can be related. Here are a few of my favorite passenger interactions.

Crappy Sunglasses

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I manage to lose sunglasses in the most creative ways possible. I can give you several examples… but there’s one story which really takes the proverbial cake.


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Flying, when it’s done right, has some undeniably artistic aspects. This video reminds me of that airborne “zen” many of us pursue when we’re aloft.

The Hello Kitty Jet

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Hello Kitty, goodbye dignity. It may be fun for Sanrio fans, but I’ll be avoiding the new fleet of EVA Air jets like the plague, thank you very much.

Cheapo Airlines

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“No-frills” seems to be the rule more than the exception these days for most of the flying public, but nobody takes it to the extreme quite like the Irish airline Ryanair. Instead of just charging to use the lavatory, they’re now doing away with them altogether!