The Real Fun


It usually begins with a shrill, pre-dawn alarm clock. That’s never been my favorite part. Then a slow trudge to the shower to shake off the sleep.

Breakfast? Nah — I almost always trade it for a few extra minutes of rest.

Once “up and at ‘em”, there’s also the trip to the airport, the weather check, the preflight inspection, fueling, catering, baggage, paperwork, clearance, FMS programming, and a big bill to pay. We might even throw a few passengers in there for good measure.

But once that’s done? Then the real fun begins.

(Recommend watching this in full-screen, 720p or greater)

About Ron Rapp

I’m a Southern California-based pilot flying the Gulfstream IV, as well as a CFI-I/CFI-ME specializing in tailwheel, aerobatic, experimental, formation, and glass-panel flying. I’m also an aircraft owner, aerobatic competitor (Advanced category), and a National-level judge.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing about aviation topics via my web site. You’ll also find me at the theatre, opera, symphony, or perhaps diving in Sea of Cortez. Other avocations include boxing, hiking, and indulging in fine food and spirits with friends and family.

My wife and I live in beautiful Orange County, California with two evil — yet diabolically brilliant — Siamese cats.