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Anyone who knows me is aware that I love just about anything aviation-related. If there’s a film, book, documentary, magazine, or web site that promotes or involves flying, I’m all for it. It takes a lot for me to turn my nose up at anything with an airplane in it. Nevertheless, the trailers for the new Sony film Stealth look… Read more →

The Aviator

A&E aired an fascinating documentary about Howard Hughes today. Well, it was half documentary. The other half seemed to be a combination preview and advertisement for the latest Martin Scorcese film, The Aviator. The program interspersed clips of the real Hughes with commentary from the cast and excerpts from the motion picture. It’s obvious that the cast did their research,… Read more →

Ocean’s Twelve

Looks like Ocean’s Twelve is going to be a success. Hey, it could happen. LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) — “Ocean’s Twelve,” the heist caper that George Clooney, Brad Pitt and their A-list pals shot in their spare time while living it up in Europe, stole the No. 1 slot at the North American weekend box office. According to studio estimates… Read more →

Goodbye Discovery Wings

I had a feeling this was coming. Bringing viewers compelling, real-world stories of heroism, military strategy, technological breakthroughs and turning points in history, Discovery Communications, Inc. will transition its Discovery Wings Channel to the Military Channel on Monday, Jan. 10, 2005. Despite the fact that D-Wings had an annoying habit of playing the same shows over and over again, it… Read more →

On Crime and Punishment

I’ve never been one of those people who believes that God strikes people down with a bolt of lightning when He’s unhappy with them. After all, if this were the case I would have been burned to a crisp years ago. No, I think His method is to allow organizations like the FAA or IRS to hound people like me… Read more →

Pirates of Silicon Valley

I’m not a big television watcher. My father wasn’t one of those dads said things like “TV rots your brain!”, but we all know it does. When I do watch television, it’s often CNN, The Discovery Channel, or The History Channel. But there’s something coming up this weekend on TNT that I’m looking forward to. It’s a film called “Pirates… Read more →

The Last Days of Disco

Every month or two, my ex-roommate Richard and I will spend an evening hanging out. It usually goes like this: a dinner much too high in calories and fat, then a mainstream type movie, then back to my place to make fun of Saturday Night Live or play a computer game like You Don’t Know Jack. Pretty routine. This last… Read more →

KFI AM 640

The last episode of Seinfeld is tomorrow. You’d have to be living inside a hermetically sealed bubble to have not heard about it by now. Supposed to be the most watched sitcom episode in history, something like a billion people. On the John and Ken Show (it’s on an L.A. talk radio station, KFI 640 AM), John has been going… Read more →


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