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The Cheap Seats

Lifetime Savings Accounts

I stumbled upon something interesting on the web the other day, the Lifetime Savings Account. The LSA is a Bush administration proposal for a new kind of retirement account that might best be described as a Roth IRA on steroids. The discovery of the LSA proposal was exciting to me, because as a sole-proprietor with “variable” income, my only regular… Read more →

Kerry Giving Up on Florida?

Tony Snow reported last night that his contacts within the Kerry campaign indicated that they are conceeding Florida and will transfer resources to other battleground states. This is surprising. Both candidates have practically lived in Florida over the past few months, and the overall polling data still shows a tight race. Kerry’s internal polling must reflect the CNN/USA Today/Time numbers… Read more →

More Proof that Rap is Crap

As if the legion of aspiring rap ‘artists’ who come upon the House of Rapp and conclude that I must be able to help them with their careers isn’t enough, here’s new evidence that rap causes brain rot: (via VodkaPundit) If Osama bin Laden ever buys a rap album, he’ll probably start with a CD by KRS-One. The hip-hop anarchist… Read more →

How ‘Bout Some Coffee, Johnny?

I suppose a few comments on the third and final presidential debate would be in order, since I did force myself to sit down and watch the whole thi-Zzzzzz..wmmmfmw….zzzzz…. Okayokay, I’m awake. I wasn’t sleeping, just resting my eyes. After ninety minutes of talking points, one begins to think the Zucker brothers were watching a presidential debate when they wrote… Read more →

The Debate

I managed to catch the Bush-Kerry debate this evening, and I have to say it felt like Sen. Kerry came out on top. My expectations for President Bush were high, despite his reputation as a poor public speaker. The thing about Bush is, he’s improved a lot as a speechmaker in the years since the last election, and although the… Read more →

Rep. Anthony Weiner Gives GA the Finger

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where he sits on the Aviation and Highways Subcommittees. How ironic it is, then, that he knows absolutely nothing about general aviation except that it’s imperative it be eliminated immediately. On the third anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, Rep. Weiner made an attack of his… Read more →


Many in this presidential campaign have taken to using the word “extremist” to describe anyone with an opposing political view. In print, on the web, in casual conversation, the word pops up all the time. It’s getting old. Fast. For example: Pro life? Then Kerry’s an extremist who’s killed millions of people. Didn’t vote for Bush? The he’s an extremist… Read more →


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