Shorten This, Pal

Grrrrrr.  I really hate spammers.

It’s not bad enough that they send me about 2,000 pieces of junk mail each and every day.  No, they have to usurp my own web site for their nefarious purposes, too.  From my ISP:

We have received a rather large number of complaints of spam being sent in promotion of a URL under your account. Upon further investigation, it appears to be some sort of ‘URL shortening’ tool, used (in this case) to obfuscate the destination of the URL being promoted in the spam.

I have disabled the script in question by moving it into your home directory. If you wish to continue using this tool, we must ask that changes be made to prevent 3rd parties from abusing it in this manner (this may mean modifications made to the script so that only you or trusted associated can use it).

I built the URL shortener so people wouldn’t be dependent on a commercial service for this service.  Sadly, it seems no good deed goes unpunished on the internet.  So I’ve removed the application and the database table.  At least I can take pleasure in the fact that the spammer’s links are now broken.

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