737 Reef

I love flying and scuba diving, so it would seem only natural that I’d like this.

It’s a cool idea, yet somehow still very sad. 

Of course, much like Homer crying as he eats the last buffalo, I’ll still dive the wreck.

I don’t know how airliners are supposed to die.  It sucks to see them cut up, parted out, melted down, sunk, or relegated to a dusty museum or boneyard.

Basically, I think all airplanes should always remain airworthy and be flown by people who love them.

See?  This is why I could never leaseback an airplane.  Too much attachment.

Hey, here’s a cool idea:  sink a few planes, and build an entire airport under water!  It would be especially neat if you could put a few seaplanes down there.  Lord knows there are already enough of them under water, all you’d have to do is collect them into one place.

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